Here are some representative publications. Links to pre-publication drafts on are included where possible.


  • “Positional Goods and Upstream Agency” co-authored with Keith Hankins (Chapman University) Australasian Journal of Philosophy - Academia

  • “On Dynastic Inequality” co-authored with Miranda Stewart (Melbourne Law School) in The Oxford Handbook of Intergenerational Justice (ed.) S. Gardiner

Journal Articles

 Book Chapters

  • “John Stuart Mill on Free Speech” co-authored with Helen McCabe (Warwick University) in The Routledge Handbook of Applied Epistemology (eds.) D. Coady & J. Chase, Routledge (2019): 71-87 - Academia

  • “Economic Rent, Rent-Seeking Behavior, and the Case of Privatized Incarceration” co-authored with Janine O’Flynn (ANZSOG) in The Palgrave Handbook of Philosophy and Public Policy (ed.) David Boonin (2018): 455-467

  • “Inheritance and Hypothetical Insurance” in The Legacy of Ronald Dworkin, (eds.) W. Waluchow & S. Sciaraffa, Oxford University Press (2016): 99-114 - Academia

Grants: My work on positional goods and education is currently being supported by a research grant from the Center for Ethics and Education in the United States. For a brief description, see the one on their funded projects page:

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