Here are some recordings of radio interviews or public lectures that have been uploaded as podcasts:

  • “Is there a Moral Problem with the Gig Economy?” - Public Lecture at Oxford University, February 2019: Link

  • Interview on my book The Inheritance of Wealth - Triple R radio (Melbourne) Uncommon Sense (April 2018): Link

    Two older interviews on inheritance as an issue in political philosophy:

  • Radio National (Australia) Life Matters (February 2018): Link

  • BBC Radio 4 (Great Britain) Analysis (February 2016): Link

I am also part of a team of philosophers working on Dialogues - a series of podcasts on topics in applied ethics, produced by Snodger Media. Here I have worked closely with other philosophers like Holly Lawford-Smith, Richard Rowland, and Christian Barry. Podcasts can be downloaded via the project's website here, or search for Dialogues wherever you get your podcasts. 


In 2017 I presented a TV series on practical ethics and political philosophy called Ethics Matters, with the help of some other philosophers and Snodger Media. This aired on ABC television in Australia, but all episodes are available online, worldwide, here. You can watch the trailer to the left.

In 2018, the series was awarded the Media Prize of the Australasian Association of Philosophy.

Also some interviews, courtesy of the American Philosophical Association and Melbourne-based magazine Epoché.